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<includeonly>Open the file {{{file}}} in an editor of your choice.
<includeonly>Open the '''{{{file}}}''' file in your [[editor]].
Search for {{#if: {{{line|}}} | (should be around line {{{line}}}) }}
Search for {{#if: {{{line|}}} | (around line {{{line}}}) }}
<div style="{{divstyle{{{color|grey}}}}}">{{#tag:source|{{{text}}}|lang={{{lang|tcl}}} }}</div>
<div style="{{divstyle{{{color|grey}}}}}">{{#tag:source|{{{text}}}|lang={{{lang|tcl}}} }}</div>

Current revision as of 08:56, 30 August 2011


file YesThe filename to make the changes in
text YesThe excerpt from the original version of the file
color NoThe color for the boxes, default: grey
delete NoIf this has a value, text should be deleted
insert NoIf this has a value, newtext should be inserted after the text (if delete and insert aren't there, it's 'replace')
newtext NoIf insert or neither insert nor delete have a value, the user should replace the excerpt 'text' with 'newtext'
lang NoDefaults to C, just for syntax highlighting

See Template:Changefile/Examples for examples of usage

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