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  • CVS checkout a fresh tree
  • Update doc/Changes1.6 by adding a new section or set release date
1.6.20 rc1:

- Release Candidate 1 on 2010-07-06
  • Update doc/Versions by adding the release
  • Run the 'misc/releaseprep' script from the root directory. If this is an RC release, run it as 'misc/releaseprep -r 1', where 1 is the Release Candidate number.
  • Update src/patch.h (assuming this is a patch release (like 1.6.19+ctcpfix))
  • Rename the eggdrop1.6 directory to the new name, i.e., eggdrop1.6.20rc1
  • Create a patch from the last version (if not a RC release):
diff -urN eggdrop1.6.19 eggdrop1.6.20 > eggdrop1.6.19+ctcpfix-1.6.20.patch
  • tar it up:
tar cf eggdrop1.6.20rc1.tar eggdrop1.6.20rc1
  • Create a bzipped archive:
bzip2 -9 -k eggdrop1.6.20rc1.tar
  • Create a gzipped archive:
gzip -9 eggdrop1.6.20rc1.tar
  • Gzip the patch (if necessary):
gzip eggdrop1.6.19+ctcpfix-1.6.20.patch
  • Sign the archive files:
gpg --armor -b eggdrop1.6.20rc1.tar.gz
gpg --armor -b eggdrop1.6.20rc1.tar.bz2
gpg --armor -b eggdrop1.6.19+ctcpfix-1.6.20.patch.gz
  • Copy these files to the eggheads masterftp directory structure
  • Update symlinks for eggdrop-latest.tar.{bz2|gz} if final release
  • Create eggwiki page for the eggdrop version to refer to in the release announcement
  • Run the ftpsync scripts
  • Update the site download page
  • Update the index.html on
  • Update the index.html on
  • Update the support/index.html on (if new version)
  • Add the support/egghtml/<version> files, and update symlink (if new version)
  • Update Template:LSR/Eggdrop
  • Insert news into the news database for the main site
  • Email the eggdev and eggheads lists
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