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The Eggdrop partyline can be reached multiple ways to allow for maximum compatibility with networking situations. The following illustrates the three options.


User connects to Eggdrop. The most straight forward way to reach the Eggdrop partyline is by using telnet. Telnet connects directly to Eggdrop's listen IP/port and allows Username/Password authentication.


User connects to Eggdrop. The most used option from your IRC client. Does not require a direct internet connection from your client without NAT, but Eggdrop has to be publically reachable (or on your local network).


Eggdrop connects to User. A rarely used option, requires your IRC client to be directly connected to the Internet (to be publically reachable by Eggdrop), or in your local network, or a port forwarding setup in your router (and restricted DCC range in your client).

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