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MediaWiki installation

  • Change the "index.php" part of the URL to something shorter, such as "w"

Plugins to install

SyntaxHighlight is broken, needs admin attention. --Pixelz 20:16, 7 July 2009 (UTC)


  • enable Pages beginning by a lower case letter


  • Make logo transparent (We have a transparent version of it already, it just needs to be put in)

Wiki managment

  • Change "Eggdrop_Wiki" namespace to "EggWiki"? (shorter)
  • Add license at the bottom
  • MediaWiki:Sidebar needs ur lovin:
    • Add Eggdrop_Wiki:Todo Added 2009-05-27 by simple
    • Add another box with links to, downloads and CVS, etc.

Editors/Article writing

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