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So, here's the deal. Eggdrop is supposed to be coded to handle TCL threading. Either that code never worked, or it's now broken because of some change in TCL internally. The solution? Compile and install TCL with no threads, then recompile and reinstall your eggdrop.

Yeah, some of you will say 'Oh, ok, easy' and go and do it. Other's are saying 'Huh?'

These are some of the possible solutions to fix your problem:

If you have root access

Debian with TCL 8.5

  • Install the dependencies for developing debian packages using apt-get. There is a list of these dependencies on this page in section 1.1.
  • mkdir /root/tcl
  • cd /root/tcl
  • apt-get source tcl8.5
  • cd into the directory it creates (tcl8.5-8.5.2 currently)
  • cd debian
  • edit rules; remove the line " --enable-threads \" (currently line 52)
  • cd ..
  • dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
  • Your .deb files are now being built.
  • cd ..
  • dpkg -i *.deb

Instead of doing that yourself, you could download the three resulting .deb files from Here and dpkg -i them yourself.

If you don't trust the files I've built, build them yourself, it shouldn't be that hard.

If you don't have root access

Work in progress
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