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Eggdrop 1.8 is the version of Eggdrop that's currently being developed. It's forked of Eggdrop1.6 and is mostly compatible.

Major features so far include:

  • SSL/TLS support for server connections, botnet connections (within a 1.8 botnet), certificate validation, DCC over SSL aka SCHAT (so far only KVIrc is known to support it), and authentication with client certificate. SSL/TLS Documentation
  • IPv6 support IPv6 Documentation

How to upgrade from Eggdrop1.6.*

You can keep your old configfile, but you should apply the changes we made to the default config (so you have an overview of the settings).

Note that the my-ip setting is gone and has been replaced by vhost4/vhost6

Where to download it

You can obtain a nightly development snapshot or use CVS as usual from here.

3rd party modules

We prepared copies that should work with Eggdrop1.8 here but there's no guarantee they work.

3rd party scripts

They're compatible.

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