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For the full Changelog, click here.

Changes from RC1 to release version

  • Fixed a very old bug where unsetting the "nick-len" variable in Tcl, then attempting to restart the bot will crash it.

Bug fixes

  • Cygwin 1.7 can have issues getting the dns server list, you can now set the dns-servers config variable to fix this.
  • QNX6/Mac OS X/Solaris dns.mod fixes
  • 64bit fixes
  • Crash bug fix with Tcl8.5.10 and workaround for a bug in Tcl8.5.10
  • Reverted the ability of vwait and update to process Eggdrop events - this will come in 1.8 (too buggy for now).
  • env(TZ) default config setting is now correct
  • Compilation against Tcl8.3/8.4 works again

New/modified config variables

  • dns-servers : List of DNS servers dns.mod uses, writable
  • dns-cache : Time in seconds to cache successful DNS replies
  • dns-negcache  : Negative DNS replies caching time
  • dns-maxsends : Limits the number of retries for failed DNS queries
  • dns-retrydelay : Time in seconds between retries
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