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For the full Changelog, click here.


Known bugs in RC2


Known bugs in RC1

  • The static channels you added (in your configfile) will be deleted. To prevent that, open your chanfile and replace all "channel set" with "channel add" before starting RC1.
  • Already running instances of eggdrop fail to be recognized through the pid file
  • vwait doesn't always recognize tcl events that change the variable it waits for (affects the http package for example)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed 64-bit binaries crashing under FreeBSD and NetBSD.
  • Fixed Tcl threading autodetection.
  • Fixed broken handling of telnet IAC which prevented character code 255 from working in telnet.
  • Fixed dns.mod SIGBUS crashes on Sparc machines.
  • Fixed broken .jump when the server list is empty.
  • Fixed a lot of compile warnings.
  • Fixed some security issues with the need-* channel settings.
  • Eggdrop no longer sets invalid bans if strict-host is 0, setting it to 0 is still strongly discouraged as the variable will be removed soon.
  • Can be compiled against Tcl8.6
  • Numerous minor issues and potential crashes fixed.


  • Replacement of the Tcl event loop to incorporate it with Eggdrop's to allow Tcl fileevents to trigger without delay. Also makes vwait and after with lower resolutions than a second work.
  • Channels added in the configfile are no longer static, there's a new channel setting +/-static for that.
  • Full CIDR support added for b/e/I modes and user hosts.
  • Improved channel sync time by removing redundant commands and querying b/e/I modes at once.
  • Telnet autodetection.
  • Support for non-latin characters in telnet and in handles.
  • Custom ban types for channels.
  • You can use ./configure --with-handlen=N to change the handlen when compiling, this is easier than changing the eggdrop.h define (which is still there).
  • New script scripts/dccwhois.tcl allows people to whois their own handle.
  • Uptime module modified to send uptime packets at a random interval to distribute traffic evenly.

New/modified config variables

  • msg-rate : server message rate is now configurable
  • log-ts : log timestamps can be set by the user and now default to [HH:MM:SS].
  • cidr-support : cidr support for server modes can be turned on and off
  • allow-ps : you can now allow cmodes +ps at the same time by setting this to 1
  • max-socks : supersedes the previous max-dcc setting, this one also limits Tcl sockets (per Thread)
  • quiet-save now allows to suppress backup and date change messages when set to 2 or 3.


New commands

  • putnow : put to the server and bypass all queues
  • resetchanidle : reset channel idle time for a nick
  • resetchanjoin : reset channel join time for a nick
  • matchstr  : simplified string matching
  • matchaddr : irc host matching
  • matchcidr : cidr ip matching


  • resetchan changed to support flags for partial resets of channel information.
  • maskhost now accepts a type argument and provides flexible and robust host masking.
  • putdcc now accepts a -raw option.
  • putdccraw was removed without warning, as it was never documented. A replacement using putdcc/putnow can be found in scripts/compat.tcl
  • time : the compat.tcl version of it can be called with multiple arguments now to access Tcl's time command

Bind types added

  • OUT  : triggers on server output and can stop messages from being sent
  • LOG  : triggers on log output
  • CRON : like bind TIME but masks have cron-like syntax


  • Found a lot of minor mistakes and typos in the documentation.
  • Added some missing parts and updated outdated definitions.
  • UPDATES* files have been replaced with better formatted Changes*, Versions and THANKS/AUTHORS added/refined.
  • All of the new commands and settings are fully documented.
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